Everything you should need to know about the most famous and valuable company TCS.

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

TCS Lucknow branch

TCS formaly known as TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICE LIMITED, Among the IT companies in INDIA TCS is placed at the top of the list. Recently it has been found that TCS crosses 100 billion dollars. The net profit of this company is equal to the GDP(GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT) of the total number of 128 countries. The below data is some comparison of some IT companies in INDIA with TCS.

  •             TCS- 100 billion dollars.

  •             RELIANCE group-89 billion dollar.            

  •             HDFC-76 billion dollars.

  •             ITC- 49 billion dollars.

  •             Hindustan Unilever-46 billion dollar.

  • These are the comparison of net profit of some companies with TCS..TCS is the world"s 64th company which crosses 100 billion dollars.

  • The expenditure budget of INDIA is 24 lakhs crore where as the expenditure budget of TCS is only 7 lakhs. It is the largest IT outsourcing company in INDIA. The another reason of TCS company to becomes the world"s largest IT company is that it is the biggest employer in private sector.. It employs around 4 lakh employees. TCS contributes 75% profit in TATA group..in this company the priority of both male and female employees are same and in equal level. In this company the percentage of women employee is around 36 %..It provides the good manageable of gender ratio. The top leadership of TCS has always been stable. From the time of born of this  company that is from 1969 only 3 CEO s are changed..The strategy of this company is robust and the management group is also compelling. This company always gives first priority to their employees. So their profit becomes 5.5% and their attribute rate is 11%.. Their total income is around one lack crore rupees, and EBIDTA is around 31000 crore. Their final profit is 25000 crore.


  • TCS is an Indian multinational information technology service, consulting and business solution company. The headquarter of this company is located in MUMBAI, MAHARASTRA. The founder of TCS is J.R.D.Tata and F.C. Kohli..It covers the whole world areas as far as its hands reach. The key people of this company is NATARANJAN CHANDRASEKARAN(Chairman) and RAJESH GOPINATHAN(CEO & MD).TCS is ranked 64th overall in the Forbes world"s Most Innovative Companies ranking. Making it both the highest-ranked IT services company and top INDIAN company. It is the world"s 9th largest IT services provider by revenue. As of 2017, it is ranked 10th on the Fortune India 500 list. In 2018 April, it becomes the 1st company who crosses 100 billion dollars.


  • 1)Their manpower and willpower are very powerful.

  • 2)They give the equal dignity, respect, and salary to both male and female employees.

  • 3)From the starting of this company only three CEO s are changed, but in other companies, this is the disadvantage.

  • 4) just a few employees give resignation latter to this company. Now about four lakhs employees are present in this company.

  • 5)Good strategy and management sector is unimaginable.

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