Updated: Nov 2, 2019

“I have loads of time to save money, I am just a fresher” and “I love spending my own hard earned money”, these statements have resulted into nothing other than majority of young population falling under the blackened depths of debts. Either that, or unfulfilled dreams, depression because one cannot clear his debts, and also people running after him for gaining back what he had borrowed, like Shahid Kapoor in Chhup Chhup Ke.

So, why should you save from the beginning?

First reason being, it is a good habit, duh!

Nobody has asked you to live like a cave dweller, just because you have been advised to save money. You should save for the present, for the future. All that roti-kapda-makan (chappati-clothes-home) will be bought by money. And the feeling of buying bread for the family, gifting clothes to cousins, buying a car to take your old parents out and living in a home that you purchased with all your money will give you such happiness that you might have khushi ke anssoo.... (tears of joy).

All the luxuries that you wanted for yourself.

The higher education that you wanted to pursue.

The restaurant or boutique that you wanted to start.

All these can be achieved once you can trust yourself and stop being a spendthrift every month your bank account gets filled in. Other than your dreams, you should always be ready for any significant unanticipated emergencies, like any medical intervention that might cost you a load of bucks. Or you decide to flee with your one-true-love. Well, jokes apart.

Now, how can you save money?

Set yourself a budget, chart out your expenses and savings for every month. Try saving one-third of your salary every month. Avoid unnecessary shopping and if you are determined to buy something, scrutinize the price in different stores and different online sites, you never know when Amazon or Flipkart is too generous.

Reuse/repair items such as clothing, shoes, etc.; instead of buying or just throwing them away. Walk and cover short distances. You use your vehicle or Ola/Uber will not only just add pollution, but also natural resources are lost and your pockets will start feeling lighter after a few rides.

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