The famous motivational speaker of all time: Sandeep Maheswari

Sandeep Maheswari is a well-known name among all over the world. Hardly a few people do not know about him.. Well!!! I am so excited to write about him as I follow him for the last 5 years.

Sandeep Maheswari is a photographer, entrepreneur and a very good public speaker. He is the founder and CEO of ImagesBazaar, which is the world's largest collection of Indian Images.

Sandeep Maheswari was born on 28 September 1980 in New Delhi, India. He pursued Bachelor's in Commerce from Kitori Mal College, but he dropped out in the final year of his studies. Thereafter he did a 2-week short course in photography.


Sandeep Maheswari started his career as a model at the age of 19 but he had to leave modeling because he was facing exploitation and harassment in that field. To help countless models, he set his company named “Mash Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd” and started making portfolios of the models. In 2002, he set up another company which collapsed in six months. In 2006, he launched “ImagesBazaar”.


· Creative Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur India Summit in 2013.

· Star Youth Achiever Award by the Global Youth Marketing Forum.

· Youth Creative Entrepreneur Award by the British Council, a division of the British High Commission.

· One of Indian’s Most Promising Entrepreneurs by “Business World” magazine.

He is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a guide, mentor, a role model and a youth icon for millions of people around the globe

I don’t know whether I should tell her or not but SANDEEP MAHESHWARI plays a great impact on my life. I become charged after seeing his videos. He always talks about how we can discover our inner hidden talent and discover our new version. I appreciate him and every youth should follow him.


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